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If you were from late 90’s or early 20’s century child, then you cannot miss Pokémon. This cartoon was the gems and jewels of that era of children. Niantic’s brought that cartoon back by creating a virtual game where the player was a Pokemon trainer that every child dreamed about to become.

 Pokémon Go Apk


Pokémon Go, an online interactive virtual game is made for mobile devices like Android and iOS developed and distributed by Niantic. Here each player could catch, train, evolve and battle with their Pokemon in the real world using the app. The app is free but with in-app purchase. You can Pokémon Go APK for Android or you can use your play store, that is Play store for Android or iTunes for iOS.

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Features and Gameplay:

Over the years, back in 2016 it was released , Pokémon Go has  gained more features over the year.

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Here you choose a team – red, blue or Yellow signifying the three legendary Pokemon and then you face the wild where you catch different Pokemon and evolve them. You can catch unlimited Pokemon provided if you increase your bag space. You can fight with Gyms or raid to earn rewards.

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  • Gen III is coming: After the inclusion of generation II Pokémon on January 2017, Niantic is likely to include Gen III Pokemon in its next update which will be coming soon.
  • Legendary Pokémon: You can catch legendary Pokemon, but they are not out in the wild. To get a legendary Pokemon you need to arrange a raid with at least 5 to 6 others players. Then there is a chance to defeat the Raid boss to earn the Pokemon. But till now you cannot keep legendary Pokemon to guard gym.

Pokemon Go Apk

  • Gym Update: Unlike before, in Pokémon Go APK for Android, Gym has six permanent slots where Pokemons can be assigned. The gym also acts as a poke stop by which you can get items by spinning the circle image.


Pokemon Go Apk


The Pokémon assigned to the gyms need to unique. These assigned Pokemon have Motivation meters shaped as a heart, after each battle the CP in the motivation drops and if it goes to zero, the Pokémon returns to its trainer. You can increase the meter by feeding the berries to them.


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You get a badge which can level up more reward. Badges  are available after winning battles in the gym. The badges are ordered as Vanilla à Bronze à Silver à Gold.


  • Raid Battles: With new updates, you can now battle with another player. It is not player vs Player match. Instead, you form a group of maximum 20 players and battle at a gym.

Pokemon Go Apk

Before the battle begins all Pokémon in the Gym are kicked out and a Giant egg sits on the top. You will have 5 minutes to defeat the Raid Boss. There is a Raid pass to participate in Raid battle. One free pass every day if you visit a gym if you want more you have to buy it.


  • Others Features: There are various other features you can find in Pokémon Go apk…
    • There is a various customization that you can apply to your avatar.
      • Gen, I Pokémon can evolve into Gen II Pokémon, but you need different stones and items that you can get from poke-stop.
      • Unlike before, you can feed berries even if CP is full. So you just need to be careful not to spend berries uselessly.
      • You catch Pokémon in the wilds. There is a meter which displays all the close to you. You can catch by throwing Poke balls to them.



What are you waiting for go and download Pokémon Go apk for Android or iOS and “Gotta catch em all” to become the best Poke Master that you want to be?


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